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The Chairman and Directors of the PCG are responsible for the strategic direction of the Group. The elected Consultative Council appoints the Directors from among their ranks and then advises, supports and informs them of issues raised by the membership particularly in the regular CC meetings.

Directors and CC members come from the PCG membership and are elected via an Internet voting system – (the exception being the appointment of a qualified accountant as Finance Director). In addition to the elected CC, there are various sub-committees that are drawn from the members as volunteers. These volunteers add their technical expertise and industry knowledge to the overall team.

The implementation of any agreed action is passed to an Executive Team who are working in support of the membership.

In addition the Group has secured the services of Lord Weatherill and Sir John Harvey Jones who have agreed to act as Patrons for the Group.

The PCG is funded by subscription and its members are legal owners of the Group.

Board of Directors

Jane Akshar – Chairman

Jane has been in IT for 20 years, the last five of those as a contractor. She works mainly as a tester with business analysis in the City and has been part of the PCG from its earliest days. Jane was highly active in her former PCG role as PR Director, particularly during the Judicial Review in all aspects of dealing with the media. She has dealt extensively with newspapers, television and radio, giving interviews and background information about the PCG and its strategy.




Simon Griffiths – Deputy Chairman

Simon graduated from the University of Cardiff in 1986 with an Honours degree in Music. In his career, Simon has provided consultancy to many Government and large commercial clients. His primary role has been one of Technical Architect, where he has been instrumental in designing some of the UK’s largest UNIX systems. He is a Director of Rainbow Computer Consultancy which builds bespoke e-commence and internet applications and is a strong advocate of the Open Source Development model.

Simon’s main responsibilities within the PCG include legal issues, members’ services, supplier relations and liaison with external parties, including education and managing disputes or complaints processes.





Gareth Williams – Director of Public Affairs

Gareth graduated from Cambridge University in 1985. He worked in software and astronomy before a short stint in Parliament as a researcher, preparing briefings for MPs and Peers. Following this, he spent several years as a software developer, mostly with ESA as the end client. He was one of PCG’s first members, having been an independent contractor since 1996 and volunteered for the first PCG Consultative Committee. In March 2000, he became the PCG’s second chairman and was the architect of its current constitution. Gareth’s main responsibilities are Public Affairs, Client Bodies, Agent Bodies and Contractor Bodies




Richard Robson- Director of Public Relations

Richard moved into IT in 1983 working in the Civil Service, banking and consultancy before starting his own business in 1989. He has successfully fulfilled contracts in the financial, insurance and oil industries and he has many technical skills with a background that includes analysis, programming, database design and project management.

As the PCG’s PR Director, he works closely with the press office to ensure that the public profile of the PCG and the message it carries through the media is always one that best reflects members’ interests.




Ian Durrant – Director of IT

Ian has been a contractor in the IT industry for 11 years and has 15 years experience in total, previously working for a large commercial insurance company as a Senior Analyst Programmer. He joined the PCG in its early days when he realised IR35 threatened to put him out of business.

As PCG’s means of operation and communication is entirely web-based, Ian works closely with the executive to ensure that maximum benefit is obtained for members through the IT communications network.




Keith Hogben ? Director

Keith has 35 years IT experience in a variety of roles, principally, 30 years IT and business project management; 20+ years IT and business strategy preparation and implementation; 11 years as Head of IT for leading UK organisations in their industry sector. Keith has extensive experience of Distribution, Retail and Process Manufacture and has acquired a reputation for successful delivery on the back of an ability to weld disparate skills, personal agendas, attitudes and viewpoints into a focused and effective team. He is generally viewed as a catalyst for ideas and action and one of his strengths is the ability to see ?the big picture?. Keith?s main role is PCG strategy co-ordination and implementation.




Ian Colpman – Director

Ian graduated from Aston University in 1997 with a degree in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, and has been contracting since then. He has worked in numerous industries including Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Banking and Telecommunications. Ian has an innovative and analytical approach with a variety of skills including systems design, database development and project management.

Ian’s main responsibilities within the PCG are managing internal procedures and the regional infrastructure.



Executive Team