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What is the AWP?

The PCG Aberdeen Working Party (AWP) was set up on the 1st Mar 2000 in order to promote the interests of contractors who work in the Oil and Gas industry specifically and engineering more generally. The AWP conducts the majority of its business via an email forum and meets once a month for face-to-face discussions. The AWP has a total of 28 members, the officers are:

Aberdeen Working Party
Position Name/E-mail
Chairperson Mike Flynn
Secretary/Deputy Chairperson Steve Dempster
Treasurer/Rules Committee Liason Nigel Cadwallader
Client & Business Sectors Liaison Mike Flynn
Agency Liaison Peter Simkins
Press & Public Relations Liaison Dee Kennelly
Political & Campaigns Liaison Leigh Mount
(CC Member)
Inland Revenue, DSS & Legal Liaison Eric Bowen
Membership Services Liasion Dave Tomkins
Regions Committee Liaison Yishu Nanda
Portal & Web Site Liaison Sandy Henderson
General Affairs Yishu Nanda (Ex CC Member)
General Affairs Steve McChalmont
General Affairs Ajmal Zia (CC Member)

The AWP works closely with local MP’s, councillors, trade associations and agents to eliminate, or mitigate the harmful effects of IR35. The AWP is also looking for ways in which contractors can make a positive and substantial impact on the future prosperity of the Oil & Gas industry.

What is PCG doing about AWP?

The PCG provided the funds for the preparation of the PCG O&G; Industry Model Form Contract which has been used by oil companies, main contractors and agents as an input to their decisions on IR35 Exempt contracts.

The PCG main web site provides a hot link that enables members to subscribe to the PCG-AWP-OGE email forum ( This forum complements the main PCG web site and is aimed at those contractors who do not have easy access to the web, but never the less wish to participate in discussions.

What Can I Do?

The most useful thing is to join the email forum (see box below), put your point of view in the debate and encourage fellow contractors to join the PCG.

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