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PCG Lobbying Advice

Lobbying is not just about Government, but about your circle of contacts; Clients, Agents, Accountants, other Representative Bodies, as well as other Contractors. For this reason PCG offers Associate Membership to all interested parties who agree with the fundamental aims of the organisation.

An important aspect of any campaign is the impact of letters and contacts from the ‘grassroots’ – if you care enough about the situation and want to be involved, the powers that be generally listen. For example, PCG has had great success in educating many MPs about the impact of IR35 – unfortunately not all of them have chosen to take the message on board. Ultimately however, MPs are elected to lobby government on behalf of their constituents, so this is where the lobbying effort needs to start. A letter from a concerned constituent will alert them to the impact of any regulation changes.

A guide to writing letters to Members of Parliament is available here.

The purpose of the MP Database is to help members contact their MP easily and provides a full archive of contacts with particular MPs. Please add all letters sent and received as well as any meetings (including your attempts to Green Card your MP) to help build up a comprehensive database.

There is a separate Lobbying board in the discussion forum, which advises of the latest successes and failures of members lobbying efforts. Members are posting forthcoming meetings with their MPs, replies from their lobbying efforts, and results of press articles on the attitudes of MPs to IR35.

Visit the Discussion Forum to find out more.

Fixed Term Working Directive

Sent to the Department of Trade & Industry (DTi) on 29th May, 2001 the letter and attached appendix outlined the PCG’s response to the proposed legislation to implement the Fixed Term Working Directive (FTWD);

Letter (PDF File) & Appendix (PDF File)

Draft Employment Agency Regulations

Guidelines (PDF File)


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