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The PCG has grown from an initial 2,000 to over 14,000 members in less than two years.We now represent the interests of independent contractors on all issues.

PCG is a Group owned by members, and run by members for the benefit of members. We thrive by sharing information and providing independent small businesses with what they need – representation in the corridors of power to look after their interests. We are now widely recognised as the voice of independent contractors. Where appropriate, we work with other rep bodies to achieve our aims.

We have grown on the Internet and our website and discussion forums are critical to our on-going success. We share knowledge and the latest information rapidly and members can benefit from working as part of the PCG team. We have also developed a range of services to benefit members – to the extent that the annual cost of membership soon pays for itself.

We also work with our Associate members who have interests in the contracting market – agencies, accountants, legal suppliers and clients.

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