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‘Tax experts unsurprised by IR35 blow’ Monday 07 January 2002

‘Future of anti-IR35 battle unclear’ Monday 07 January 2002

‘FSB slams Court of Appeal decision on IR35’ The Scotsman 22nd December 2001

‘IR35 activists lose – again’ The Register 21 December 2001

‘Contractors’ tax appeal rejected’ BBC Business 21 December 2001

‘Court of Appeal says IR35 clampdown is legal’ Electronic Engineering Times 21 December 2001

‘Tax man wins IR35 battle’ This is London/ Evening Standard 21 December 2001

‘IR35: Contractors lose the fight – updated’ Friday 21st December 2001

‘Contractors lose IR35 appeal’ ZDNet News Friday 21st December 2001

‘PCG confident following IR35 appeal’, 12 December 2001

‘PCG Confident Of IR35 Appeal Decision’, 11 December 2001

‘Inland Revenue Flexes Muscles Over IR35’, 10 December 2001

‘IR35 appeal: judgment awaited’, AccountingWEB 10 December 2001

‘IR35 Judicial Review Appeal: Day three report’, AccountingWEB 10 December 2001

‘IR35 appeal ruling ends’, The Register 07/12/2001

‘IR35 court case swings in campaigners’ favour’, 7/12/01

‘Self-employed vow to continue IR35 tax fight’, Financial Times Dec 7, 2001

‘Appeal Day 3: Appeal ends on an optimistic note’, 06/12/01

‘IR35 Judicial Review Appeal: Day two report’, AccountingWEB 6 December 2001

‘IR35 appeal concludes’, 06 December 2001

‘PCG Appeal Day 2: Don’t let this get to ECJ, Plender asks court’, 05/12/01

‘IR35 Judicial Review Appeal: Day one report’, AccountingWEB 5 December 2001

‘PCG Resumes Appeal Against IR35’, 05 December 2001

‘PCG Appeal Day 1: Back to square one?’, 04/12/01

‘IR35: Contractors look for victory in appeals court’, 4/12/01

‘Judicial Review Appeal Day One Summary’, ContractorUK 4th December 2001

‘IR35 Judicial Review Appeal: Preview’, AccountingWEB 3 December 2001

‘Contractors gear up for IR35 appeal’, 03-12-2001

‘Contractors in IR35 appeal’, The Times DECEMBER 03 2001

‘Overturn, refer or confirm: The IR35 Appeal according to Redston’, 03/12/01

‘PCG to appeal Judicial Review decision’, AccountingWeb, 28 August, 2001

‘IR35 opponents take case to Court of Appeal’, Electronic Times, 28 August, 2001

‘Appeal court to decide on IR35’, The Guardian, 28 August, 2001

‘IR35: ‘The Revenue’ faces the music in Court of Appeal’,, 27 August, 2001

‘IR35 tax challenge fails ‘, BBC News Online, 2 April, 2001

‘UK court upholds IR35 tax regime ‘, Financial Times, 2 April, 2001

‘IR35 Judgement Due Today’,, 2 April, 2001

‘Primarolo defends IR35 in Parliament’, AccountingWeb, 2 April, 2001

‘Court ruling over IR35 law awaited’, The Times, 1 April, 2001

‘IR35: Judgement day looms’, Silicon News, 30 March, 2001

‘Contractors claim ‘victory’ in IR35 case ‘,, 23 March, 2001

‘Revenue’s IR35 architect explains action’, Shout99, 22 March, 2001

‘IR35 Judicial Review: ‘Caped Crusader’ appears in court ‘, AccountingWeb, 20 March, 2001

‘Self-employed rebel over £7,000 higher tax bills’, Sunday Times, 18 March, 2001

‘Fight or flight for freelancers’, This is Money, 18 March, 2001

‘Contractors Put Up A Fight’, Telegraph, Money section, 17 March, 2001

‘Take care not to fall foul of IR35 rules’, The Times, 17 March, 2001

‘IR35 in the High Court ‘, ZNet, 16 March, 2001

‘Is IR35 discriminatory? ‘, Butterworths, 16 March, 2001

‘IR35 Hearing Will Continue Next Week; PCG Still Ahead On Points’, Tax News, 16 March, 2001

‘IR35 fears are ‘unfounded’, court hears ‘, Accountancy Age, 15 March, 2001

‘IR35 judge “shows sympathy” for contractors’, Computer Weekly, 15 March, 2001

‘Judge says IR35 case not yet proved ‘, Financial Times, 15 March, 2001

‘Contractors face tax chaos after IR35 ruling’,, 15 March, 2001

‘IR35 could rob Britain of the next Microsoft’, Yahoo! News, 14 March, 2001

‘Firms at risk from IR35 law, court is told ‘, The Times, 14 March, 2001

‘IT SERVICE FIRMS ‘UNDER THREAT FROM IR35’, Sky News, 14 March, 2001

‘City briefing: IR35 faces court challenge ‘, Financial Times, 14 March, 2001

‘QC warns of tax change threat to contractors ‘, Electronic Telepgraph, 14 March, 2001

‘Contractors challenge over tax regime’, ITN, 13 March, 2001

‘IR35 protesters enter High Court ‘, The Register, 13 March, 2001

‘Freelancers’ fight with Hector goes to court ‘, This is Money, 13 March, 2001

‘Consultants to tackle Revenue IR35 JUDICIAL REVIEW’, Financial Times, 13 March, 2001

‘State ready for fight in IR35 case’, The Times, 13 March, 2001