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‘One-man bands take on the Revenue ‘, Independent on Sunday, 15 October 2000
“Although most of us feel we pay too much tax, few will take the Inland Revenue to court on the grounds that its tax regime is not only unfair but illegal.”

‘Full Judicial Review For IR35’, Revolver, 11 October 2000
“The government campaign to capture more tax from independent IT contractors yesterday faced its most serious threat after the High Court approved a full judicial review of Gordon Brown’s controversial IR35 legislation. ”

‘IT specialists celebrate as court orders tax review ‘, The Guardian, 11 October 2000
“Mr Justice Gibbs ruled in favour of the Professional Contractors Group, set up to lobby on behalf of IT specialists, which used European Union law to argue it discriminated against small firms and was causing a brain drain. ”

‘Full judicial review for IR35’, The Times, 11 October 2000
“THE government campaign to capture more tax from independent IT contractors yesterday faced its most serious threat after the High Court approved a full judicial review of Gordon Brown’s controversial IR35 legislation.”

‘Revenue faces legal challenge on IR35 ‘, Daily Telegraph, 11 October 2000
“THE Government faces a full legal challenge to its controversial IR35 tax regulations which are trying to stop tax avoidance by personal service providers operating through their own companies.”

‘£475M tax bill angers thousands’, The Mirror, 11 October 2000 (Scanned Copy; 146 KB)
“Employers are increasingly replacing full-time staff with consultants because they can take them on and get rid of them as they please and don’t have to provide pensions, holidays or sick pay.”

‘Commentary: Gordon Brown, contract killer’, The Times, 11 October 2000
“Gordon Brown must be realising that tax changes are best made after consulting those who are going to be affected by them, even if the Inland Revenue prefers to ignore its clients.”

‘What happened in court’, Shout99, 10 October 2000
“In the Administrative Court today Mr Justice Gibbs gave permission to the Professional Contractors’ Group to Judicially Review the IR35 provisions.”

‘IT tax protesters get judicial review go-ahead’, Evening Standard, 10 October 2000
“Mr Justice Gibbs’ decision does not imply support for the PCG’s case, but acknowledges that its members are affected by IR35 and have an ‘arguable’ case for judicial review.”

‘Government in humiliating IR35 defeat’, Accountancy Age, 10 October 2000
“The government faces a humiliating investigation of its controversial IR35 legislation after IT contractors won the first round of their legal battle against the new tax regime.”

‘Court to review tax law ‘, BBC Business News, 10 October 2000
“A lobby group representing IT and engineering consultants has been granted permission by the High Court in London for a judicial review of Government changes to the way they are taxed.”

‘IR35 protestors win first round of legal challenge’, The Register, 10 October 2000
“It is the first step towards getting the measure repealed, and the government demonstrated its intention to fight all the way by producing legal arguments against the petition.”

‘PCG wins first stage of legal battle against IR35’, PCG Press Release, 10 October 2000
“The Professional Contractors Group today won the first victory on the legal road to having IR35 – the so-called ‘stealth tax’ – struck down as illegal.”

‘Court asked to review tax law’, BBC Business News, 9 October 2000
“The Professional Contractors Group (PCG) is seeking permission for a judicial review of the new law, which it says constitutes a breach of their human rights.”

‘IR35 protesters play Human Rights card’, The Register, 9 October 2000
“The Professional Contractors Group (PCG)is off to the High Court today to seek a judicial review of IR35, a new tax law which severely curtails the self-employment status of its IT consultant members.”

‘UK IT consultants go to court ‘, Financial Times, 9 October 2000
“The Professional Contractors’ Group, an industry body, will argue the rule change contravenes the Human Rights Act, which came into force last week.”

‘One-man bands turn up the volume’, The Times, 7 October 2000
“Monday morning there will be real fighting talk on the subject when the Professional Contractors? Group heads to the High Court to seek permission to go for judicial review of the legislation. “

‘IR35 battle goes to the High Court’, Evening Standard, 6 October 2000
“The Professional Contractors Group, who resent IR35’s re-classification of their members as employees, have briefed Gerald Barling QC, who will appear for them in the High Court on Monday.”

‘Small traders get caught by tax rule’, The Express, 9 April 2000
“The PCG says it is unprecedented in European law, which suggests it will go all the way to the European courts.”

‘Chancellor stands firm over IR35 tax change ‘, Daily Telegraph, 7 April 2000
“GORDON BROWN, the Chancellor, yesterday flatly ruled out any reprieve for thousands of self-employed information technology workers and engineering consultants caught by new Inland Revenue rules.”

‘Contractors raise £500K for IR35 court challenge’, The Register, 6 April 2000
“The PCG has drafted in a leading barrister in European law, Gerald Barling QC, to argue that the April Finance Bill … is unlawful.”

‘PCG’s contractors challenge Government under European Law’, PCG Press Release, 6 April 2000
“On the day that the controversial IR35 legislation came into force (April 6), the Professional Contractors Group announced it was challenging the Government in the courts to have the legislation struck down as unlawful under European law. “