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‘Contractors’ body says levy was nothing short of greed’
Aberdeen Press and Journal, 18 July 2002

‘All abroad’ Professional Recruiter, 15 July 2002

‘Put to sleep – the computer experts’ The Guardian, 13 July, 2002

‘The PCG story’ Accounting Technician, 12 June, 2002

‘New Revenue guidelines put status to the test’ Computer Consultant, 7 June, 2002

‘PCG Skills list victory’ Professional Recruiter, 22 May, 2002

‘Fast-track visas ‘open to abuse” Evening Standard, 22 May, 2002

‘PCG welcomes changes to IR35 guidance’ Accountancy, 17 May, 2002

‘PCG acknowledges changes to Revenue’s IR35 manuals’ Jobserve, 16 May 2002

‘Changes to IR35 promise fairer deal’ 16 May, 02

‘PCG claims partial IR35 victory Computing’ Computing, 16 May, 02

‘Inland Revenue adjusts IR35 guidelines’ ZDNet UK, 16 May, 2002

‘Welcome news for IR35 victims’ This Is Money, 15 May, 2002

‘PCG’s new success with fast track visas’ Jobserve, 15 May, 2002

‘PCG Claims no skills shortage’ Professional Recruiter, 8 May, 2002

‘Contractor exodus as IR35 bites’ Accountancy, 22nd April, 2002

‘Budget 2002: Disappointment as chancellor fails to axe IR35’, 17th April, 2002

‘Anti-IR35 lobby hits out at Brown’s budget’,, 19 April, 2002

‘One man band fury’, The Sun, 19 April, 2002

‘Chancellor urged to ditch IR35’, ZD NET UK News, 28 March, 2002

‘PCG IR35 Toolkit Seminar’, Shout99, 9 January, 2002

‘IR35 sample contractor contracts from the PCG’, AccountingWeb, 17 October, 2001

‘The Professional Contractors Group has updated its draft contracts’ New Civil Engineer Plus, 17 October, 2001

‘IR35: MPs weren’t consulted’, Professional Recruiter, 16 October, 2001

‘PCG Gets New IR35 Judicial Review Appeal’,, 08 October, 2001

‘IR35 escape contracts created’ Freelance Informer, 5 October, 2001

‘November date for IR35 appeal’, 04 October, 2001

‘Contract update bid to help ease pain of IR35’ Electronics Times, 01 October, 2001

‘PCG offers help with IR35-proof contracts’ ZDNet Tuesday 25 September 2001

‘PCG to appeal IR35 verdict’ Professional Recruiter, 04 September, 2001

‘Is the Inland Revenue killing IT with IR35?’, IT Director, 31 August, 2001

‘PCG to appeal Judicial Review decision’, AccountingWeb, 28 August, 2001

‘IR35 opponents take case to Court of Appeal’, Electronic Times, 28 August, 2001

‘Appeal court to decide on IR35’, The Guardian, 28 August, 2001

‘IR35: ‘The Revenue’ faces the music in Court of Appeal’,, 27 August, 2001

‘Lifeline for IR35 victims ‘, This is Money, 24 May, 2001

‘IR35: Contractors offered way out’, Silicon News, 24 May, 2001

‘Outdated tax system at root of IR35 soap opera ‘, The Times, 10 May, 2001

‘IR35 Tax Battle Not Over Yet Says Professional Contractors Group’, Tax News, 25 April, 2001

‘Contractors have to live with IR35’, Daily Telegraph, 9 April, 2001

‘IR35 tax challenge fails ‘, BBC News Online, 2 April, 2001

‘UK court upholds IR35 tax regime ‘, Financial Times, 2 April, 2001

‘Contracting steady, despite IR35’, Freelance Informer, 23 March, 2001

‘Only the net can save politics ‘, BBC Online, 19 March, 2001

‘Self-employed rebel over £7,000 higher tax bills’, Sunday Times, 18 March, 2001

‘Contractors Put Up A Fight’, Telegraph, Money section, 17 March, 2001

‘Government rules out on move on IR35 in Budget’, Electronic Times, 26th February, 2001

‘Anger over IR35 advice ‘, The Times, 24th February, 2001

‘Anti IR35 group angry about bypass tax claims’, The Register, 21st February, 2001

‘Contractors at loggerheads with recruiters over ‘false’ IR35 claims’,, 19th February, 2001

‘Contract work tax rule stays’, Mail on Sunday, 18 February, 2001

‘Tories plan to repeal IR35 tax legislation’, Financial Times, 16 February, 2001

‘Tory pledge on IR35 cheers PCG ‘,, 15 February, 2001

‘Blair promises better deal for self-employed’, The Guardian, 12 February 2001

‘Lobby groups shun IR35 consultants’,, 9 February, 2001

‘Treasury ‘deaf to business tax fears’, Evening Standard, 5 February 2001

‘MPs accuse Treasury of insensitivity over IR35’, Evening Standard, 5 February 2001
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‘IR 35 – the taxation of personal services ‘,, 1 February 2001

‘MPs: Brown wields too much power ‘, Evening Standard, 1 February 2001

‘Chancellor does not understand tax realities’, The Times, 1 February 2001

‘There’s double trouble ahead ‘, Daily Telegraph, 22 January 2001

‘War of Independence’, Payroll Manager’s Review, January 2001
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‘Why I no longer love Tony ‘, The Spectator, 13 January 2001

‘Convassing E-Commerce’, Business 2.0, Christmas 2000 edition
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‘FI ends its £1,000 incentive to fire a freelance ‘, The Guardian, 30 December 2000

‘Sack a colleague – for £1,000’, Mail on Sunday, 24 December 2000

‘The taxman’s net’, The Times, 20 November 2000

‘Firms fear plan to boost rights of the self-employed’, Daily Mail, 20 November 2000 (Scanned Copy)

‘Go It Alone – Taxmans net spreads wide confusion ‘, The Times, 11 November 2000 (Scanned Copy)

‘PRE-BUDGET: Anger over IR35 and Climate Levy’, Electronic Times, 11 November 2000

‘Global search for IT skills ‘, BBC News, Business , 10 November 2000

‘Business Letters: IR35 law is harming Britain ‘, The Times, 31 October 2000

‘Why businesses are becoming so irate about IR35’, Daily Telegraph, 16 October 2000

‘When will IR35 damage dawn on Government? ‘, Evening Standard, 13 October, 2000

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‘UK IT consultants go to court ‘, Financial Times, 9 October 2000

‘One-man bands turn up the volume’, The Times, 7 October 2000

‘IR35 battle goes to the High Court’, Evening Standard, 6 October 2000

‘Tax changes may prompt contractor perk demands’, Personnel Today Magazine, 12 September 2000Members Only Discussion Forum Link

‘Tories plan to end red tape ‘, BBC News, 5 October 2000

‘Indian software firms flood in amid IT exodus’, Evening Standard, 5 September 2000

‘Rage against the tax on Britain’s IT talent’, Evening Standard, 10 August 2000 (Scanned Copy)

‘More 35 ire’, Evening Standard, 9 August 2000

‘IT blunder’, Evening Standard, 8 August 2000

‘UK aims to lure back 100,000 IT staff ‘, The Independent, 6 August 2000

‘Business in plea over tax rules for IT consultants’, Financial Times, 7 July 2000

‘E-mail snooping will create police state, guru warns’, The Times, 6 July, 2000

‘Tax loophole ‘is helping foreign IT contractors’ ‘, Evening Standard, 27 June 2000

‘IT workers tax is ‘driving talent abroad’, Evening Standard, 18 May 2000

‘Britain needs an industrial policy’, Daily Telegraph, 12 May 2000

‘Immigration rules may be waived for specialist staff ‘, Financial Times, 2 May 2000

Brain drain feared ahead of new tax’, Daily Telegraph, 17 April 2000

‘Britain’s best take to the boats’, Daily Telegraph, 10 April 2000

‘Small traders get caught by tax rule’, The Express, 9 April 2000

‘Brown attacked over IT stealth tax’, BBC News, UK Politics, 6 April 2000

‘Contractors raise £500K for IR35 court challenge’, The Register, 6 April 2000

‘Tax U-turn as IT experts emigrate’, Evening Standard, 5 April 2000

‘IR35 – PCG strikes back ‘, AnchorDesk UK, 29 March 2000

‘Ten tips for self-employed to survive tax crackdown’, Sunday Times, 19 March 2000

‘Freelancers disillusioned with latest changes to IR35’,, 27 February, 2000

‘IT exodus’ threat over tax rules’, Financial Times, 21 January 2000

‘Training will suffer under new tax rules’, Computing, 16 December, 1999

‘E-petition against tax change’, BBC News, UK Politics, 30November 1999

‘Contractors slam ‘stealth tax’, Sunday Times, 28 November 1999

‘IR35 battle lost, but war continues’, The Register, 9 November 1999

‘Hague gets bald with Blair over IR35’, The Register, 4 November 1999

‘IT contractors in protest over tax change plan’, Evening Standard, 3 Nov 1999

‘Industry to lobby politicians as final reckoning nears for IR35 ‘, Silicon, 3 November 1999

‘Lords vote against tax clause’, Electronics Weekly, 20 October 1999

‘Contractors win reprieve on tax’, Sunday Times, 15 October 1999

‘UK Politics, Opinion: Labour’s ‘stealth tax on IT workers’, BBC News, UK Politics, 19 October 1999

‘IR35 – A consultation or a fabrication?’, Accounting Web, 24 September 1999

‘Government tax change a sham say contractors’, Electronics Weekly, 24 September 1999

‘Revenue and IT contractors group in last minute meeting’, Accounting Web, 23 September 1999

‘Contractors tax changes ‘are a £1 billion mistake’, Evening Standard, 13 September 1999

‘PCG commissions leading economic report’, Accounting Web, 7 September 1999

‘Tax threat to 60,000 businesses’, Telegraph, 12 July 1999

‘Self-employed hit back’, The Times, 12 June 1999

‘Govt. fears defeat on self-employed’, Electronics Weekly, 21 June 1999

‘The Revenue gets personal’, Sunday Times, 20 May 1999

‘IT workers fight new tax measure by Internet’, Telegraph, 1 April 1999