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What is the PCG Portal?


The PCG Portal is a new concept in the contract market. It creates a new market place for knowledge based contractors.

For Contractors – It will be a source of contract opportunities supplied by agencies and clients via a web based system. It enables you to find other contractors with whom you can build business relationships, enabling you to subcontract work and to tender for larger projects. It enables you to find substitutes when the need arises and to find those smaller items of work that will help your business thrive and that the traditional agencies hardly bother with.

For Agencies – It gives you access to the PCG membership and to advertise your services and opportunities to them. It provides you with a facility to search our database of available contractors to find the skills you need.

For Clients – It enables you to find the specialist independent contractors you need. It enables you to outsource your projects at a fraction of the cost of the large consultancies or to find specialists to help you with the challenges you face in your business.

In General – This site is about developing business relationships and partnerships. It is about new ways of getting your projects completed for less cost and less risk. It allows you to find contractors and work with them in the way most suitable to your business.

For the first-time businesses large and small can have direct access to the most talented and dynamic contracting companies in the IT and Engineering fields, covering everything from Internet design and development through to safety engineers for offshore platforms.

This site gives you continuous access and total control over selecting your partners. You choose the criteria to use for searching our database, and you can post an Invitation to Tender (ITT) which allows member companies and consortia to tender for work previously considered too large or too trivial to be handled by contractors.


Q Is this site a PCG agency? Is the PCG trying to replace agencies?

No. Many of our associate members are agencies. We are not trying to compete with any value added services that they provide. We are providing a new and additional avenue to find and contact contractors, and indeed agencies are free to use this service.

Q Does the PCG become involved in contract negotiations?
A No. All contract negotiations are conducted directly between the parties involved. However the PCG does offer general support and advice to members within its discussion forum and filestore
Q Does the PCG take a cut of the contract price?
A No. The PCG just provides a vehicle for members to advertise their services and for associate members to advertise the work they have available. All contractual details, including cost and payments, are a matter for the parties directly involved to negotiate with each other.
Q How do I get access?
A You need to join the PCG. Clients and agents as associate members and Independent Contractor consultants as full members.
Q When will this be available?
A It is available now! Currently the site is available to members and associates, as a “beta release” but will be going for full launch in the near future. Improved, richer functionality is planned but the site as it stands will prove very useful to all members of the PCG.