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Hansard; 12/12/00 Opposition DTI spokesman Alan Duncan MP questions Paymaster General, Dawn Primarolo, about cost to taxpayer of judicial review. HTML link   14/12/00
Finance Bill; 06/06/00 Finance Bill Standing Committee H, Pt 5 HTML link   06/06/00
Finance Bill; 06/06/00 Finance Bill Standing Committee H; HTML link   06/06/00
IR35 Hansard; 03/05/00 Debate in House of Commons; Provision of services through intermediary, Clause 59 HTML link   03/05/00
IR35 Hansard; 09/03/00 Debate in House of Commons; Dr. Vince Cable questions the Paymaster General, Dawn Primarolo on the subjec of IR 35. HTML link   09/03/00
IR35 Hansard; 29/11/99 Debate in House of Commons; Alan Duncan’s scathing attack on the Governments commitment to Information Technology and its capability to introduce new Technological advances in Government and Commerce (with prospect of forcing thousands of IT and engineering contractors abroad with IR35 proposals)

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IR35 Hansard; 24/11/99 Debate in House of Commons; Francis Maude, Shadow Chancellor questions the Governments hypocrisy on the supposed decrease in tax burden with its attacks on the enterprise culture with IR35 HTML link   24/11/99
IR35 Hansard; 08/11/99 Debate in House of Lords; Lord Goodhart asks for re-examination of IR35 within the Welfare Reform Bill, with its lack of clarity presenting serious and unsolved problem in regard to the classification status of contractors HTML link   08/11/99
IR35 Hansard; 03/11/99 Debate in House of Commons; Clause 70/71 of the Welfare Reform Bill HTML link   03/11/99
IR35 Hansard; 03/11/99 Hague questions Blair on IR35 HTML link   03/11/99